Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yup, that's right - Impinj.

Good news! This RFID chipmaker has developed new RFID chips that focus on enhanced user data and product authentication.

According to the company, the Monaco/64 chip reinforces applications where adding rewritable data to a tag is important:

  • Product information, warranty or expiration and lot data for manufacturers
  • Baggage inspections and baggage logs for airlines using RFID-enabled tags
  • Encoding a drug's "chain of custody" (pharmaceutical companies)

The Monaco/64 chip is compliant with the EPCglobal Gen 2 standard and can be password-protected for authorized people and/or organizations.

The Monza/ID chips focus on encoding unique, unalterable identifiers that will be used to authenticate products or assets -- reducing counterfeit situations. By incorporating a serialized, unique ID with each chip and relevant EPC data, manufacturers and their supply-chain trading partners can work together to stop illegal product activities.

Intellareturn Take: Incorporating high-memory RFID chips with EPC data is a terrific way for organizations to authenticate their products. Intellareturn has been a proponent of and evangelist for the utilization of RFID innovation through serialization with EPC data for authentication, warranty and returns -- or the whole gambit under "reverse logistics." This is yet another step in the right direction ... reverse!