Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Logistics Transformation Continues ...

According to a survey by EyeonTransport, Europe's 3PLs companies are expanding their operations, technological capabilities and services to satisfy customer demands.

The EyeonTransport website states: "Companies in the global marketplace are finding that supply chain engineered logistics is not a commodity, and understand it is a vital means to boost their cost savings, enhancing their cash flow and improving servicing levels for getting their products to market."

Intellareturn Take: Perhaps one of the most interesting factors of this study were the promising opportunities with reverse logistics. As organizations in the logistics arena learn how to better service their customers with new innovation (for example 49% of all the respondents said they intend to provide RFID capabilities within two years), they gain competitive advantage and better equip their end-users to succeed, optimize processes and streamline operational costs. The transformation of the industry continues ...


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