Thursday, February 01, 2007

DHL Readies for RFID

Intellareturn is pleased to report that DHL continues to “walk the talk,” taking bold steps to prepare its courier system for RFID applications. Specifically, a new generation of handheld scanning devices (Motorola HC 700s) are being deployed nationwide by the third quarter 2007.

According to a January 16, 2007 DHL press release, the “new generation” Wi-Fi system enables DHL to transmit customer shipment information automatically –- from pickup to final delivery –- without the need to wait and place a device within a transmission cradle. The information will be immediately fed into DHL back-end systems, providing instant visibility to customers looking for shipment status through various venues including calls to customer service, visits to the DHL web site or other DHL shipping systems.

"In addition, the new DHL scanning technology is RFID-ready (Radio Frequency Identification), affording DHL the ability to integrate the new technology with future RFID products already in development. DHL is committed to bringing the benefits of RFID to the U.S. market and worldwide, and has taken a leadership position to support further development and international standardization of RFID technology. RFID is used to read and store data without the need for contact or direct line of sight and promises improvements in supply chain management for industries worldwide."

Intellareturn Take: Intellareturn believes that this new handheld device and Wi-Fi system creates the “plumbing” and network/infrastructure system to take RFID and related EPC applications to the next phase of development and implementation. Intellareturn founder Elliot Klein notes, "DHL continues to take the lead and impress us by taking all the right steps to support the benefits and new applications made possible by emerging RFID, EPC and serialized tag-related applications for parts, warranty, returns and other value-added DHL services."


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