Friday, December 28, 2007

Intellareturn Helps Re-invent Postal Mail

Intellareturn has developed a patent-pending system that integrates an RFID-based transponder (with a unique identification code digitally recorded inside) onto the outer addressable surface of an envelope or package prior to sending it through the postal service. The electronic interface then links to supplemental images, text, photos, videos or music files associated with a mailing. These files are connected through Internet-based TCP/IP methods and the RFID/EPC tags inside the labels that are applied to the surface of a specific physical mailing.

Systems like this one from Intellareturn help create "mailstream innovations" that are similar to Earth Class Mail (, which allows people to view their postal mail online. The Intellareturn systems are under continuous development and work with both RFID-based transponders and various printable barcode indicia formats to represent Electronic Product Codes ("EPC"). By linking to a specific RFID/EPC transponder URL, users can retrieve supplemental text ... even without the need to affix the wireless transponder to the envelope or package.

Intellareturn Take: The Postal Service is ready for "Postal 2.0," where the Internet adds value to sent mail.


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