Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Shared Vision - EPC for Transforming Business

In the past, having the most innovative solutions internally was enough to drive business processes forward while improving the bottom line. Today, collaboration and cooperation among industry leaders is becoming a critical component for advancing many leading-edge technology solutions like RFID and the Electronic Product Code (EPC) initiatives. Why?

Take today - a group of 20 senior global retail and consumer products leaders worked with industry bodies on a shared analysis for the collaborative path toward an EPC-enabled supply chain. Top-level conclusions of report concluded that these efforts:

  • Require process transformation to truly deliver benefits
  • Will vary, driven by category-specific dynamics
  • Depend on the information - free, standards-based, secure and in context
  • Need cost declines and new ways to create supply chain value.

The joint assessment explains the need to implement business process changes and improvements to unlock the value of RFID and EPC. The free report is available in full from the GCI website.

Intellareturn Take: The collaborative report illustrates what Intellareturn has experienced for almost 8 years of RFID-based innovation. When you look at the history and adoption of barcode technology, RFID implementation has significantly close parallels regarding costs, benefits, education, awareness and overall confidence in the importance. To fully embrace the possibilities of these efforts, manufaturers, retailers, technology organizations and actual consumers must collaborate and cooperate to capture EPC's full potential. When this happens, Intellareturn will have yet another channel to improve the experiences and interaction between organizations and their customers.


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