Sunday, July 31, 2005

RFID - Beyond the Hype ...

A comment by Philippe de Matteis in "RFID Tribe" describes how RFID adoption is following the 'Hype Cycle' to a tee.

Philippe notes how return-on-investment (ROI), tag unit price and global adoption have been discussed in recent weeks. His observations on RFID's ROI:

"On which period? How many years? 3 months? 1 year? 3 years? More? Will you consider only the financial approach? In that case - perhaps, you're better to invest in real estate, nowadays ... what about the Company goals and purposes, innovation and entrepreneurship? Fortunately, most of innovation has never been based on ROI ... I agree with the well-known writer, George Bernard Shaw, who spoke about The Unreasonable Man: the only one able to change the world. Perhaps, are we too much led by accountants or financial managers? For progress, finance is a mean not a goal. We need entrepreneurs!"

Intellareturn's take: Replace ROI with ROCR, or ROKMJ. Let's have our financial folks -- or our customer's financial group -- calculate ROCR ("return-on-customer-retention"), or ROKMJ ("return-on-keeping-my-job").

Calculate the cost of losing your top retail account and calculate how long the Board of Directors will keep us employed if we don't meet a mandate. No vendor welcomed Wal-Mart's request to add barcodes to items and look where we are today? We can't live without them. History repeats itself. Welcome RFID!


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