Tuesday, June 21, 2005

FAA Approves RFID Use for Planes on Ground

According to May 2005 memo from the Federal Aviation Administration, radio frequency identification has been granted for use with planes on the ground. The signed announcement states: "The use of passive-only devices is restricted to ground operations only, i.e., aircraft not in motion."

While RFID for in-flight applications have not been approved yet, this significant government support complements the many airports and airlines now experimenting with RFID pilots. In addition, the impending efforts with RFID mandates and passports will make this industry a leading player in RFID technology.

For now, RFID for planes on the ground will ensure efficiency and safety, providing airlines with better tools for quicker maintenance with repair parts and tracking cargo using passive tags -- areas that Intellareturn focuses on. FAA officials also don't anticipate any safety or privacy issues with this approval and utilization, just potential hardware or software malfunctions that any technological solution can be exposed to.


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