Wednesday, June 15, 2005

IBM Announces RFID Privacy Consulting & Printer

According to the company press release and article in RFID Journal, IBM has created a service to help companies establish privacy policies around the use of RFID, and has also announced a new RFID-enabled printer and RFID starter kits.

Intellareturn Perspective: Big Blue has clearly become a dominant proponent of RFID, establishing research centers and programs -- and now privacy consulting and RFID-based printers.

These IBM workshops will help customers develop strong opt-in policies for RFID-tagged items. A policy like this could be used to provide consumers the option of keeping an RFID tag linked to a product after the item has been purchased. The tag could then be used at a later date to process a warranty. Intellareturn is looking forward to seeing how this develops!


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