Sunday, April 23, 2006

Baggage Tracking System? Not Us.

What happens when airlines lose your luggage? Good question ... and it's happening more often too.

Based on a recent report from SITA, airlines around the world mishandled about 1 percent of the 3 billion bags checked last year. How did they find the 30 million that went missing? Manual search parties.

Most airlines use bar-coded tags, but this doesn't help when they're lost. Instead, airports and airlines should be incorporating RFID solutions that can track the baggage at many checkpoints through readers in the chain. Once cost factors are dealt with, it shouldn't be long before we see this more around the world's travel facilities.

Intellareturn has addressed many of these areas and today offers the ReturnMe Luggage Tag ID System as a solution that can grow with the industry, but focuses on customer involvement. The numbers are growing - and with 30 million bags being lost with the number growing, you're likely to suffer to. All RFID players need to help the market mature and solve these issues -- it's possible today.


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