Friday, November 18, 2005

Report: RFID in the Postal and Courier Service

Based on a new IDTechEx report, "RFID for Postal and Courier Services 2006-2016," the potential market for RFID applications in the postal and courier service arena is second only to the retail supply chain for item-level tagging. Futher highlights:

1. The potential market is huge ...

2. RFID is an idea whose time has come in postal, courier and high volume light logistics ...

3. The global market for RFID systems in this sector will grow extremely rapidly to $3 billion by 2016!

Intellareturn Take: Validation is an important piece for business success. Intellareturn's vision for the utilization of RFID through courier and postal systems for better managing the reverse logistics and warranty return aspects clearly has a bright future. More important, this research illustrates the importance in taking advantage of existing resources to offer new and better customer solutions that can impact an organization's bottom-line -- especially when considering the lifetime value of loyal customers. Sometimes the market just needs time to catch-up with innovation ... so get ready!


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