Thursday, February 02, 2006

RFID Customer Cards in Asia - Improving Service

Recently, NEC Corp. launched their RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards to improve how customers have their products serviced - and enhancing the company's own operations and processes.

As with many areas of technology like the Internet, a major factor is customer convenience. By improving service and solutions with RFID, NEC will also be able to add valuable information into their CRM strategy.

Essentially, NEC is providing a special customer card with embedded RFID to customers in Asia. The unique ID number of each customer's RFID-enabled NECare Customer Card is linked to that customer's purchase details. The goal: simplify and speed up customer service and support.

"There is no need for them to present invoices, purchase receipts and warranty cards, or even complete lengthy forms at the NECare Center," says David Ng, senior vice president of the business services group of NEC Solutions Asia Pacific.

David is an innovator and understands the power of RFID for warranty and customer service convenience. Intellareturn expects expansion of this application for RFID and warranty service and repair that enables express courier and parcel networks to support NEC and other consumer electronic return programs.

Kudos to NEC for introducing an Intellareturn style system for warranty convenience. While these efforts are taking place across the Asia Pacific region, Intellareturn is hopeful that it will be expanded to other markets of the world to demonstrate the value of RFID in customer service ... or as we call it, "intelligence at the point of return."


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